About our boutique hotel in Watkins Glen

Our priority as hotel operators is to ensure our guests are comfortable at their "home away from home". We've got the bases covered; clean rooms, friendly faces, affordable prices. But where we shine is in hospitality. From DD to wine key we try our best to treat our guests like family; do your own thing, but we're here for you if needed. So let us know how we can improve your stay, and if we can we will.

We are currently in the process (completion expected in spring of '12) of renovating our retail space which includes a certified kitchen. We are unsure whether we will be offering breakfast but we do expect to offer coffee, tea, and other unique items to include choclates made by Master Chocolatier Christian of Preliminaires Chocolat.

Our property is conveniently located in the center of town. Stroll two blocks south to the entrance of the Watkins Glen State Park (aka "The Gorge") or seven blocks north to the Lakefront Pier.

Breakfast is a 30 second walk away to Savards Family Restaurant. Two blocks north is Famous Brands clothing outlet owned and operated by local serial entrepreneur James Guild. If you forgot your hiking socks, we recommend stopping here and picking up a pair of Injinjis. The Crooked Rooster is a two minute shuffle for live music, delicious microbrews, and a taste of Watkins Glen night life. If you like microbrews YOU MUST STOP AT ROOSTERFISH!

There's even more to do and see in the area and we'll happily fill you in. Some of it you can learn about on the web, try the Watkins Glen Chamber of Commerce or here. Other things to do are the exclusive knowledge of the locals, for example the swimming holes at sawmill creek or the third dam (both have rope swings and cliff jumping) or the location of the hundreds of picturesque waterfalls that are off the beaten path. Having lived in Watkins since 97 we're knowledgable about the local area. We can answer most questions you have concerning directions, attractions, etc.

Review our pet, cancellation, and payment policies.

Feel free to call or send us an email with any questions you may have.